Getting Married in the Church of St Cross

The ancient Church of St Cross is an exceptionally beautiful and tranquil location for a wedding. It is much in demand, often but not necessarily accompanied by a marquee on the Bowling Green and/or drinks or photographs in the Master’s Garden.

Who can get married here?

The Church is the private chapel of the Brothers of the Hospital of St Cross and Almshouse of Noble Poverty. The twenty five Brothers are elderly gentlemen who reside in the fifteenth century buildings adjacent to the Church. They attend worship every day. The Hospital is governed by a Board of Trustees, including the Master of St Cross. The Church acts in some ways as if it were the parish church of the area, and has done so since the destruction of the original St Faith’s church some 500 years ago. This is an act of hospitality to the local area.

Parishioners of St Cross with St Faith have the right to marry here by a Bishop’s order dated 1864: it is not an ancient right. The new Church of England rules about giving rights through ‘Qualifying Connections’ for those with links to the parish do not apply to St Cross.

However, the Trustees and Priest in Charge of St Cross enjoy sharing their lovely church and welcome a reasonable number of weddings. Priority will be given by Trustees to those with a genuine connection to St Cross, but all applications are viewed favourably. Depending on the circumstances, an Archbishop’s Special Licence is sometimes required.

It is important that weddings do not disturb the Brothers. Happily they currently seem to favour and enjoy them.


Couples must pay the standard Church of England Fee, currently £445. This includes a payment to the diocese and one to the parish. It also covers one set of banns (£28) as well as the marriage certificate (£4). These charges are correct for 2015.

They must also pay a Heritage Fee of £600 to the Hospital of St Cross. This goes towards the upkeep of the church and ancient hospital buildings, for which constant repair is needed. The charge includes car parking. Genuine parishioners are not obliged to pay this charge, but they must pay £125 for car parking and are invited to make a further donation.

These charges do not include flowers, which must be done by our own florist; organist; heating if needed; or extra staff. It does not include use of the Bowling Green or Master’s Garden (prices on application: see below).

It still remains less expensive to be married here at St Cross than in a country house or hotel.

Initial enquiries should be made to the Priest in Charge, on

Please make any enquiries about the use of the Bowling Green and/or Master’s Garden to:
The Deputy Clerk to the Trustees, on 01962 878218